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Disciplinary Rules

1. An admission to the College carries with it the presumptions that students will conduct themselves as responsible members of the academic community. Every student should behave with discipline and must reflect a sense of responsibility within and outside the College campus. Academic misconduct as well as behavioural misconduct is strictly prohibited and any student indulging in the same shall face strict disciplinary action.

2. Each student shall be bound by all the rules and regulations made by the College, the Governing body, UGC and by the Awadhesh Pratap Singh University, Rewa from time to time.

3. Ragging is strictly prohibited. Any student found indulging in ragging in any form, directly or indirectly, within or outside the campus would face strict disciplinary actions as per the UGC Regulations on curbing the menace of ragging, 2009, and shall also be liable to be rusticated from the College.

4. Each student is required to apply for the issuing of Identity Card and the library Card from the Library, immediately after confirmation of his / her admission.

5. No book from the library will be issued without the Library Card and the Identity Card.

6. Each student should wear the Identity Card round the neck while on the campus and should produce it when demanded by authority.

7. Each student should wear the Identity Card while participating in any events like, sports, co-curricular and extra- curricular activity, industrial visits, competitions, seminars, workshops, conferences etc. at intra as well as intercollegiate level.

8. Any student found misbehaving on the campus or behaving arrogantly, violently towards the faculty, staff or fellow students will be liable for disciplinary action and shall be severally punished.

9. Smoking, use of alcohol or narcotic drugs, illegal possessions or use of weapons is strictly prohibited in campus. Any student found indulging in any such acts shall face disciplinary action which may extend to rustication of the student from the College.

10. Students are required to take good and reasonable care of the College property. Any student found guilty of damaging or misusing the property, infrastructure, furniture, vehicles on the campus, books, equipment, computers etc. shall be liable for disciplinary action as well as reimbursement to the College for any loss or damage caused thereby.

11. No student is allowed to paste, stick or put any notices, brochures, posters etc. on the notice board, walls, staircases etc. of the College without the prior permission from the concerned authority.

12. No student or group of students can form any club, association etc. or organize event, activity etc. or collect any funds or subscription without prior permission of the Principal.

13. No student or group of students can invite any person to address or entertain the students of the College, or interact with media on behalf of, or about the College without prior permission of the Principal.

14. No student or group of students is allowed to enter into verbal or written agreements or contracts that support to bind, obligate or create liability of any kind for the College. The College will hold all such students individually liable for any financial or legal consequences or damages that may result from such unauthorized acts.

15. Recording of any electronic images in the form of photographs, audio or video recording of any person without the person’s knowledge; when such recording is likely to cause injury, distress, or damage the reputation of such person; is prohibited in any part of the College and hostel premises. The storing, sharing or distributing of such unauthorized records by any means is also prohibited, failing which the student will be liable for disciplinary action.

16. No student is allowed to use any mobile phone or any other electronic gadget in the classroom, library, laboratory or Audio-Visual Hall without prior permission of the concerned authority.

17. Carrying any valuables, or expensive mobiles, vehicles etc. on the College campus will be at the risk of the students and the College authority will not accept any responsibility of any loss or damages of such valuables of the campus.

18. Each student should be aware that the College shares the premises with other Institutes situated in the same campus and therefore it is the duty of each student not to cause disturbance to the lectures, programmes, activities or exams of such Institutes failing which the student shall be personally held responsible for such misconduct and the College authority will not accept any responsibility on his behalf and such student will be liable for disciplinary action.

19. Every student should read the notices displayed on the College notice boards, , and College website from time to time. Each student should strictly follow the deadlines with respect to form-filling, application-submission, class attendance, examination schedules, class assignments etc., failing which the College will not be responsible for any loss incurred by the student thereby.

20. The College also reserves the right to take disciplinary action in any other appropriate situation not set out in these rules and the decision of the College authority shall be final and binding on each student.

21. Admission of a student will be cancelled at any point of time in case of –

 Not submitting the required documents in time

 Failing to fulfil required eligibility criteria of the programme

 Admission gained by resorting to fraudulent means, illegal gratification or any unfair practice detected at any stage during the entire program

 Not paying the stipulated fees on time

22. Students are required to apply 3 days in advance to obtain certificates or documents, such as, Bonafide Certificate, Transference Certificate, Concession forms etc. This will enable the College office to prepare and keep it ready.

23. The College authorities or Teacher will provide recommendation letter only to those students who have been regular in classroom and participating in various College co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.